Acorn for Mac 4.5.5 Changelog

Acorn for Mac 4.5.5

Acorn 4.5.5

What's new in Acorn 4.5.5

June 15, 2015

New Stuff

  • Acorn now comes with a share extension for 10.10 Yosemite, so you can copy images from Photos to Acorn.

Fixed Stuff

  • Fixed a bug where drawing with opacity with the brush tool after clearing a canvas selection wouldn't work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the opacity slider would sometimes be disabled when you turned off visibility for the non active layer.
  • Fixed a preview issue with the CIVignette filter.
  • Fixed a preview issue with the BC Vignette filter from the BC Image Units package.
  • Fixed a redraw issue with the burn tool.
  • Fixed a bug where moving to a shape layer's mask would clear the current bitmap selection.
  • Fixed a bug where control clicking on a guide didn't always add "Delete Guide" to the contextual menu item (you had to be _right_ on the sucker).
  • Fixed a bug where creating a bezier path with mitered joins wouldn't always draw correctly with extreme join angles.
  • Fixed a bug where using the boolean operations from the quick config popover wouldn't disable after use (since you would only have a single shape selected at this point, and they wouldn't work).
  • Fixed a problem where the ruler wasn't showing the correct origin in the y axis on retina displays.
  • If you're running 10.10.3 or later, you'll get to use the very latest non-buggy version of the RAW importer (version 6) if available for your RAW images.