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Bitmap image editor.


Acorn is a new image editor built with one goal in mind - simplicity. Fast, easy, and fluid, Acorn provides the options you'll need without any overhead. Acorn feels right, and won't drain your bank account.

  • Take screenshots using Acorn and edit them right away.
  • Chain together image filters to create stunning effects.
  • Layer based image editing, an industry standard.
  • Make new images and layers using your built-in iSight.
  • Easy image and canvas resizing, just by changing the size of your window.
  • Take advantage of every pixel of your monitor with full screen image editing.
  • Tablet sensitive for pressure strokes and using the tablet's eraser.
  • Vector shape and text layers.
  • Freeform, elliptical, rectangular, and magic wand selections.
  • Gradients.
  • Create and apply custom text styles.
  • Control opacity and blending modes for each layer.
  • Write plugins using the Python scripting language, as well as in Objective-C.
  • GPU powered. The same graphics card that makes your gaming experience smooth, helps Acorn fly through the toughest of graphics operations.


New Stuff

  • Basic SVG support! You can now export documents and shape layers as simple SVG files. SGA: If there are no shape layers in your image, then the SVG export option will be grayed out. Additionally, this is a pure vector export - any bitmap operations like layer filters or masks are ignored for SVG export.
  • Taptic feedback for snapping guides (requires OS X 10.11 El Capitan or later).
  • New preference to have a little tick when snapping guides. For those of you without a fancy taptic trackpad, this one is for you. Turn it on under the Guides preferences - "Audible snaps".
  • If you've got an Illustrator file that has PDF compatibility turned on for it- Acorn will now open it up like it would a PDF file, allowing you to pick what resolution you'd like to open it as.
  • New option added to the Shape Generator Processor: Random Bézier.
  • The translate shape processor now has a cumulative option. We love seeing what you've done with the shape processors. Keep it up!
  • Brand new "New Image / Layer from Camera" code, which brings it back to the App Store version of Acorn.
  • If you have a https: URL to an image on the clipboard, the File ▸ New from Clipboard menu item will download and open it.

Scripting Stuff

  • View the scripting stuff.

Fixed Stuff

  • When opening up a .acorn image without any layer data in it, Acorn will attempt to fallback to the composite attribute of the image to make a single layer from.
  • Now with 100% more HTTPS.
  • Various selection fixes.
  • Compatibility fixes with OS 10.11 El Capitan.
  • Fixed a bug where PDF import wouldn't always set the DPI correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Snap to Selection pref wasn't carried over to new documents.


File Size
11.7 MB
Operating Systems
Mac OS X
System Requirements
  • OS X 10.10 or later
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