Acorn for Mac 4.5.2 Changelog

Acorn for Mac 4.5.2

Acorn 4.5.2

What's new in Acorn 4.5.2

November 19, 2014

New Stuff

  • Acorn will now remove the alpha channel from PNG files if it detects there is no transparency in your image.
  • Smart Layer Export now has support for @3x images.

Fixed Stuff

  • The pencil tool is a bit more accurate.
  • Fixed a bug where merging two layers where the top one had a blend mode of destination out would cause weird clipping.
  • Minor speed fix when editing in full screen on OS X 10.10.
  • Other minor OS X 10.10 Yosemite fixes.
  • Fixed a bug where the New View window wouldn't update correctly when moving shapes on a canvas with the arrow key.