Acorn for Mac 5.0.1 Changelog

Acorn for Mac 5.0.1

Acorn 5.0.1

What's new in Acorn 5.0.1

September 3, 2015

Note: Now requires OS X 10.10 or later.

  • Fixed a bug where you could delete on a locked layer.
  • Fixed a bug where drawing straight lines on the QuickMask wouldn't always update correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Acorn would fall into a non-responsive state when sometimes trying to move a text layer while it was editing.
  • Fixed a bug where the shape layer commands "Make Same Width / Height" wasn't working correctly.
  • Tweaked how auto levels is calculated, and fixed some annoying bugs with it.
  • Fixed some bad links to our documentation.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the image metadata editor.
  • Fixed a bug were pressing the [ or ] keys when using the pencil tool wouldn't update the cursor to reflect the size change.
  • Fixed a thing where Acorn's share menu wouldn't work with some apps.
  • Fixed a bug where the line tool didn't snap when creating its start point.
  • Fixed a selection problem with text boxes and overlapping shapes.
  • Various UI tweaks.