Acorn for Mac 4.5.1 Changelog

Acorn for Mac 4.5.1

Acorn 4.5.1

What's new in Acorn 4.5.1

September 4, 2014

Minor New Stuff

  • Command-J will now duplicate the current layer, even if there's no selection (previously this would only work if there was a selection).
  • Improvements to text editing in the Do JavaScript Automator action.
  • The Merge Visible to New Layer command now works if you only have a single layer.

Fixed Stuff

  • Fixed a bug where you could set the blending mode of a layer mask, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
  • Fixed a bug where exported PSD files sometimes got the wrong aspect ratio for bitmap layers.
  • Fixed a bug where merging multiple shape layers would create a single bitmap layer, instead of the obvious result, which would be a single shape layer.
  • Fixed a bug where adding JPEG images to an open image would not open it up in the correct orientation.
  • Fixed a crasher when transforming a selection to something very very small. Smaller than the smallest tiny thing you can think of.
  • Retina fixes.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicating a document would cause weird errors down the road when trying to make new layers.
  • Fixed a bug where the New View window would fail to come up if you had certain layer filters applied to your image.
  • Fixed a bug where entering .999 into the Levels window wouldn't work correctly.
  • Worked around an OS bug where Acorn files of a very large dimension would not save correctly because of corrupt TIFF files being created when LZW compression is involved :| .
  • Fixed a bug where the stroke for a new shape would sometimes be reset to 0 when it should have been some other number.
  • Fixed a bug where the Rasterize Shape Layers command would only work on the first shape layer you had selected.
  • Fixed a bug where inverting a selection would cause boolean selection operations later on to fail.
  • Fixed a redraw problem for layers which were pasted in from Keynote.

Experimental Stuff

  • New Scripting interface for bitmap layers, which will most likely change in a future major version (hopefully based on feedback). See the code here.